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How and why Svend press?

“You have to feel the muscles working” is a common adage in the fitness world. Feeling a muscle contract logically means that it is being targeted and used. However, an exercise that may feel good to one practitioner may not produce the same effect in another. One of the movements that provides this feeling of tension better than most other exercises is the Svend push-up, which is the exercise named after Svend Carlsen, the world's strongest man in 2001.

The Svend push-up differs from the classic bodybuilding exercises for the pectoral muscle, but nevertheless it is a good exercise that allows you to isolate the pectoralis major muscle. All you need is two small weighted discs to do this exercise effectively, and pressing the two discs together will effectively work the pectoral muscles.

The anterior deltoid muscle is slightly stimulated as a secondary muscle during exercise.

Muscles used by a sphend press.
Illustrative credit © Aliaksandr Makatserchyk
  1. Hold two 5- or 10-pound discs “boxed” with both hands flat on each side while touching the discs to your chest.
  2. Spread your elbows slightly.
  3. Then move the discs away from your body until your arms are extended in front of you, while clenching your bra. Exhale during this phase of the exercise.
  4. Bring the discs toward your chest and inhale.
  5. Repeat this movement until you complete the required number of repetitions.

Training tips

  • Use weight plates that you can hold comfortably with your hands.
  • You can recruit the top of the bra by moving your hands up slightly.
  • Perform movements slowly, without rushing.
  • Make sure to squeeze the discs together tightly throughout the exercise to effectively engage the pectoral muscles.
  • Keep your torso upright and your chest out to keep your chest muscles tense.
Press the seventh dumbbell
This exercise can also be performed with dumbbells.
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How and why Svend press?

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