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What if Nexen tried to do good for yourself?

We are of course familiar with Italian relaxation, Nordic excitement or even relaxation, which is very popular on Instagram. But these are not the only practices aimed at bringing us good. The Netherlands teaches us another practice today: niksen, a word from the Dutch “niks” which literally means… “nothing”. Focus on Nexen, the art of life that can tempt you so much!

Nixen during confinement

Nexen can be defined as “the art of doing nothing.” In practice, this consists of stopping the madness of our activities and thoughts for a moment. Nexen is suitable for everyone, but especially for those who are constantly busy.

It is especially used as a way to combat work-related health problems such as stress and burnout.

In this period of quarantine due to the Covid-19 epidemic, talking about Nexen may seem ridiculous. Indeed, we see ideas flourishing in all media and on all social networks to fill the time we spend at home. Sort your belongings, learn a language, visit virtual exhibitions, practice yoga, cook healthy meals, write, draw… Of course, these are very interesting activities that avoid spending the day under the covers or binge-watching episodes of soap operas. Netflix. However, some people may feel stressed by these standing orders to spend their time intelligently and/or usefully. Eliminate your guilt for 15, 30, or even 60 minutes… What if you do nothing?

Advantages of Nexen company

Indulging in Nexen is a real pleasure that will provide you with many benefits in the short, medium and long term.

Leave the brain to rest

If you're the type to wander around and have thousands of ideas per hour, Niksen is definitely the place for you. Exhausting yourself with intense brain activity is not necessarily a good thing. On the contrary, the brain becomes saturated and our abilities to learn and concentrate may be impaired. By giving yourself true moments of rest every day, you give your brain the right to rest…and start over better afterwards.

Do a digital detox

Since the beginning of quarantine, the French have spent an average of 46% more time on their smartphones! It is easy to imagine the cumulative time if we add those of computers and tablets to mobile phone screens… Between remote work, news, calls from loved ones, online games, reading blogs and watching movies, series and videos, screens have become essential to our daily life. However, this is no reason to forget the harmful effects of these things on our brains and eyes. Niksen invites you to leave your screens for a few useful minutes/hours.

Refocus on yourself

Doing nothing is also a good way to make some time for yourself. Exercising, reading a book or taking a shower are not the only ways to take care of your body and mind. Nexen helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress by turning off the “thinking machine.” It can also be an opportunity for gentle contemplation and reflection on life choices…but without putting pressure on yourself!

Enhance creativity

Are you afraid of getting bored of doing nothing? Know that boredom is much more beneficial than you think. For proof: Look at the countless jokes, videos, and parodies circulating on social media right now. Being bored is the best way to let your mind wander and get genius (or not) ideas. You will be surprised to learn about the creative potential that dreaming and daydreaming can help you realize.

Some ways to indulge in Nexen

If you're not sure where to start, just follow this advice: Go somewhere comfortable and… that's it. You can sit in front of the window and observe the landscape. Why don't we meditate on the movement of clouds? The many relaxation videos available on YouTube can also help you. Immerse yourself in the sea and mountain landscapes, hiking trails… If you really can't stand still, take a walk around your apartment or in your garden. The important thing is not to have a goal. Let your steps take you where you want to go, without any particular intention of distracting yourself. You can also lie down and listen to music and reminisce. Finally, meditation can be a good way to refocus on the present moment by focusing on the feeling of your body and breathing. However, it requires discipline and focus, unlike Nexen.

Enjoy your outing!

What if Nexen tried to do good for yourself?

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