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Doctors were angry at the success of this miracle drug for easy weight loss!

The drug Ozempic from the Novo Nordisk laboratory has been in the news a lot in recent months. However, Ozempic was not originally designed to help you lose weight. Explanations.

Ozempic was launched on the market in 2018 as a treatment for type 2 diabetes. The active ingredient, semaglutide, is an analogue of the gut hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). Semaglutide stimulates insulin release and reduces glucagon production, which helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

But Ozimbek soon found himself at the center of abuse for weight loss purposes. In fact, semaglutide also has the side effect of reducing appetite, hence its off-label (marketing authorization) use as an appetite suppressant.

Why and how will Ozempic help you lose weight?

  • Semaglutide stimulates insulin secretion in a glucose-dependent manner, which helps control blood sugar levels.
  • It also slows stomach emptying, which increases satiety and reduces appetite. This is an appetite suppressant effect that is used for weight loss purposes.

Madness worries health authorities

In France, after analyzing reimbursement data, misuse of OZEMPIC is estimated at approximately 1% in September 2022, then at 1.4% at the end of May 2023. This represents more than 2,000 people who misused this injectable medicine. The misuse of Ozempic as a “slimming pill” is worrying health authorities. ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) published a Press release warning of risks associated with taking Ozempic Regardless of the appropriate medical prescription.

In people who do not have diabetes, Ozempic can cause serious side effects: digestive disorders, pancreatitis or hypoglycemia that can lead to death.

The dose used as an appetite suppressant will also be higher than that prescribed for diabetes. Result: The risk of deficiency increases in diabetics, which is a major problem.

Indeed, as shown in Columns of western France Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk admits that its “current supply capacity does not always meet excess demand” and regrets “intermittent availability and periodic stock-outs.”

Controversial promotion on social media

The excitement surrounding Ozempic can be partly explained by controversial promotion on social media. Many celebrities and influencers praise the benefits of Ozempic for losing weight quickly. Among them, many athletes and bodybuilders praise its effects in getting a fit body and losing fat.

On TikTok, #Ozempic has millions of views, which is reminiscent of the hype around glucose sensors. However, such promotion to the general public is completely inconsistent with recommendations regarding the proper use of the drug. It helps reduce the potentially dangerous use of Ozempic.

However, many user testimonials indicate no weight loss, despite very real side effects: diarrhea, nausea, hypoglycemia-related fatigue, and constipation, even at low doses.

The buzz is worrying some multinational companies

In the United States, this drug has enjoyed amazing success among people who want to lose weight quickly.

Some people do not hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars a month to obtain Ozempic and benefit from its appetite suppressant effects. The result: Ozempic sales exploded, To the point of worrying agri-food giants like Coca-Cola or McDonald's.

In fact, the weight loss associated with Ozempic means a reduction in the consumption of high-calorie foods and soft drinks, resulting in lower revenues for these companies. The price of their shares is affected in the stock market.

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Risks of Buying Ozempic Online

The price of Ozempic sold in pharmacies is 76.58 euros per pen, according to available information. On Vidal's website. This high price can stimulate searching for products outside pharmacies. However, purchasing Ozempic pen syringes from unauthorized websites carries serious health risks. In fact, the actual quality and composition of medications sold on these sites are not guaranteed at all. These may be counterfeit or counterfeit medicines, containing different active ingredients, or even toxic substances.

Therefore, the risk is very high when purchasing a product that is ineffective, or worse, dangerous to the body. In addition, self-medication without proper medical supervision increases the risk of serious side effects associated with Ozempic, even if it is an actual medication.

What solutions can be offered to better regulate this use?

In the face of this worrying phenomenon, health authorities are looking for solutions. ANSM asked doctors to increase their vigilance before prescribing Ozempic.

For their part, pharmacists will be more vigilant about potentially forged prescriptions to obtain Ozempic fraudulently.

But besides the regulatory aspects, it is necessary to raise public awareness of the risks associated with the use of medicines without medical support. The role of influencers and social networks must also be questioned.

Comprehensive management of obesity remains the best solution, with personalized nutritional, psychological and medical monitoring. Appetite suppressants have their place in this support, provided they are prescribed wisely.

Doctors were angry at the success of this miracle drug for easy weight loss!

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