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What bicycle accessories should you buy?

The Covid-19 pandemic will have at least one positive effect: pushing the French back into cycling!

In fact, sports equipment manufacturers have found themselves overwhelmed by the number of orders for bicycles and accessories. Now that the madness has subsided a bit, it's time to keep the momentum going by dedicating yourself to this excellent sport in every way that is cycling.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of 20 accessories that are perfect for more practicality, more performance or even more comfort…

Bottle holder

A very simple little accessory that you can attach to your bike frame. Perfect for hydrating yourself regularly throughout your walk, without having to painfully remove your water bottle from your backpack every time.

The bottle cage is essential for road cycling, triathlon and mountain biking!
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Seat bag

This type of bag is ingeniously attached to your bike saddle. We use it to store some tools, hand pump, lock, etc. Very practical so as not to clutter your backpack unnecessarily.

Bike accessories bag
There are different models and sizes of bags to keep your key, card holder, cell phone, etc. with you.
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The classic, which can be attached to the front of your bike to place your belongings. Some cyclists even put their pets there (small size required!) to take with them everywhere on tour.

Bike accessories basket
The bike basket is the essential accessory for bringing back those small groceries.
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luggage rack

Unlike the pannier, the luggage rack is placed at the back of the bike. They are characterized by their ability to support heavy loads without unbalancing the bike and the ability to secure objects using strings.

Bike accessories luggage rack
The luggage rack is an essential accessory for lovers of long-distance bicycle tours.
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Manual pump

It is essential to always have it with you in case your tire is deflated. It is surprising to note that the majority of cyclists do not think of always carrying a hand pump with them, which however can get out of many problems.

Hand pump bicycle accessory
Well-inflated wheels are the foundation for a good run or a great ride.
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Foot pump

The more detailed version of the previous item. The foot pump offers the notable advantage of being able to operate effortlessly. If you don't have a lot of arm strength (or patience!), this will be your ally.

Foot pump bicycle accessory
More practical and efficient than the manual pump, the floor pump is also more complicated.
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Maintenance kit

Cleaning your bike isn't just a matter of aesthetics. It is also necessary to ensure its longevity and to ensure that all its parts work properly. Very practical kits that combine different brushes suitable for all parts of the bike.

Bike accessories cleaning kit
Maintenance kit to pamper tire, wheels, chain, etc.
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Multi tool

A small tool that mimics the principle of a Swiss Army knife. On one knob, you find several switches that operate on all parts and all strings. With the Multi Tool, you will become the favorite mechanic of all your fellow cyclists!

Multi-tool bike accessories
This reliable, all-in-one multi-tool will allow you to make emergency adjustments and repairs quickly and easily, because the last thing you want, wherever you are, is walking home.
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Reflective stickers

From a security standpoint, reflective stickers are really essential if you frequently ride late at night. It increases your visibility against drivers who sometimes drive too fast…

Reflective tape bike accessories
At night, if you are not wearing a yellow vest, it is necessary to see the self-reflective strips.
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Lighting kit

In the same vein, a lighting set of two lights (one placed at the front of the bike and one at the back) is essential if you are riding when the sun goes down.

Bike accessory lighting kit
In addition to improving visibility, bike lights also allow you to be seen by motorists.
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door bell

Same principle as the bell, but more discreet! The majority of bikes have a bell built into the handlebars. If not or if you are looking for a doorbell with a nicer sound, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing it separately.

Bicycle accessories bell
Bike bell, another essential for riding safely.
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Anti-theft device

Most cyclists use a lock that is flexible, lightweight and easy to carry. However, if your bike is a high-end model, you will feel more reassured with a solid U-lock.

Anti-theft bike accessories
A good lock is essential to protecting your bike. You still need to know how to install it properly to reduce wheel theft…
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Saddle cover

Very simple equipment, but it can really change your life! A saddle cover prevents your butt from getting wet when you get back on your bike after a heavy rain. Nylon is the ideal material.

Bicycle accessories saddle cover
In case it rains, you will be happy to have this type of accessory at affordable prices.
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Just like a saddle cover, it's a small accessory that makes a big difference by allowing you to keep your feet dry in bad weather. Essential if you go to work by bike and you must respect the strict dress code.

Bicycle gaiter accessories
Shoe covers, a somewhat unattractive accessory, but they will help you avoid arriving with wet shoes and socks.
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This accessory attaches easily to your bike's rear wheel to prevent mud splatter. Again, most bikes already have one, but you may need to invest in a more comprehensive model.

Small accessory for MTB mudguard
A small mudguard is interesting if you don't ride a lot in the rain and if you don't want to weigh your bike down.
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Long mudguard

Do you live in a very rainy area or are you a fan of long mountain bike rides in the woods? A simple mudguard probably won't be enough. In this case, choose a mudguard that descends to cover almost the entire rear wheel.

Long vtc mudguard
Long mudguards are essential if you ride daily, especially in rainy areas.
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Speed ​​and distance sensor

This type of device is an interesting investment if you enjoy cycling. It will allow you to get accurate data on your performance in races and during training.

Electric bike speed sensor
Speed ​​sensors on electric bikes let you know your speed and assistance level.
Image rights © Suunto

Bike computer

This is the top level reserved for great athletes. A bike computer calculates the distance traveled and the speed at which you ride, but it also provides more advanced options for monitoring your exercise. Built-in GPS allows you to find your way even in the wilderness and record your favorite trails.

Bike computer
This is clearly an accessory for cycling enthusiasts who will benefit from information such as altitude, GPS data, performance, speed, etc.
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Cell phone holder

An equally effective alternative: a handlebar mount bracket to attach your cell phone. All you have to do is download a dedicated application to track your sports performance.

Dutch bike cell phone holder
Mobile phone holder, a very practical accessory for obtaining card, performance data, etc.
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Home trainer

A structure that has sparked the interest of many cyclists during the 2020-2021 period. A home coach is quite expensive, but it allows you to ride from home in excellent comfort.

Luxury home exercise bike
Imprisonment? Curfew? bad weather? This is not a problem with a home trainer.
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And 20! This was without relying on sunglasses, gloves, backpacks, compression clothing, helmet, etc.

What bicycle accessories should you buy?

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