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When gyms become eco-friendly

As the environmental movement boomed, “green” fitness clubs began to appear. Indeed, the threat of climate change also increases awareness among various players in gyms of the importance of caring for the environment, members and administrators alike. Let's take an overview of the new measures taken.

Large groups invest in environmental protection

Stephanie Chaperon, Director of Corporate Communications at Basic-Fit, which has 390 clubs spread across France and 831 clubs in Europe, reveals to us how these large gyms are seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Except for treadmills and stair steppers, Basic-Fit is used Self-powered equipment Which do not consume electricity or which produce electricity thanks to the movements of their users.

“We use tooLighting valve Shining In all new clubs, we are replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting in existing clubs.” Regarding water use, Basic-Fit is installed Low consumption showers In new clubs whenever possible.

“In addition, we use… Environmental cleaning products We are gradually working to eliminate the use of plastic cups in the rooms.” This brand is also exploring different options when it comes to office supplies with the aim of increasing their usage Environmental products.

“As a company, we want to have a positive impact.”

Stephanie Chaperon, Director of Corporate Communications at Basic-Fit

When the environment is in harmony with the economy

Small and medium-sized gyms are also more and more concerned about the environment, explains Kamal Mazari Nyori, 92-year-old manager of the Pure Fitness gym in Clichy.

Regarding water consumption, this room is trying Waste reduction between users. Previously, water at Pure Fitness was completely free and unlimited for members, which led to frequent wastage.

This moral and financial problem prompted this chamber to seek the services of a specialized company to install a water distribution system. Now for showering, washing hands, etc. Participants must press a button that triggers a jet of water programmed for one minute.

Automated water control is very inconvenient, as they have to press the button several times, but at the same time it helps to take care of the planet and save money.

Nearly a quarter of the world's population, living in seventeen countries, are experiencing “extremely serious water stress,” approaching “Day Zero” when no more water will come out of the tap, according to a report published on Tuesday. August 6, 2019 by World Resources Institute.
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Regarding electricity, Pure Fitness implemented a Clock system To program the light automatically. “We have also installed environmentally friendly lighting fixtures for green consumption, which are of course more expensive to buy, but in the end this has allowed the economic expenditure on electricity to be reduced by half. “So this change is very positive because it reduces the pressure on energy suppliers, and we leave the energy to others, plus However, it helps us save,” explains the club manager.

Regarding consumables, the club director explains that we provide them to members Recycled paper To wipe down machines after use.

As for the paperHe says that before we spend excessive amount during registration, to sign the contract, to make a copy of the identity document, deposit check, medical certificate, etc.

The chamber now uses tablets to fill out and sign the contract and take photos of documents. The organization is also in the process of implementing entry via phone instead of using magnetic plastic cards. “In fact, digitalization has made it possible to reduce investment in paper, ink and copy machines as well as working time. This is good for the planet and good for the budget.

In addition, this room recently installed two water fountains and stopped providing cups and bottles for this Reducing plastic consumption.

Finally, due to COVID-19, Pure Fitness has chosen green discs and other environmental products to clean and sterilize the room and has installed two hydro-alcoholic gel dispensing stations of French origin in order to reduce the environmental footprint. In addition, coaches and administrative staff were provided with washable cloth masks.

International trend

Foreign gyms are also considering a more environmental future.

Terra Hill

Terra Hale, which was founded in 2018 and already has three studios in London, has bikes that harness users' energy and convert it into electricity that powers a room.

Eco-friendly gym with free weights and accessories for body weight work.
Image source © Terra Hale Fitness

For example, taking an Eco-Spinning course will allow you to produce between 1,500 and 3,300 watts, which is enough power to power a desktop computer all day.

Moreover, these little London oases, whose design attempts to reproduce green spaces, were largely designed from Recycled materials.

The rowers are made from responsibly sourced wood and the dumbbells are made from used tires.

Michal Homola, founder and director of Terra Hale, admits that it costs more to open a room like this because machines are more expensive to purchase and repair.

Despite the good feedback from users, it shows us that this environmentally responsible business model is not profitable at the moment. However, Mr. Homola is open to creating a franchise, and why not open a studio in France one day.


Biofit is also betting on the benefits of green spaces, bringing the outdoor landscape into its rooms. These “wellness” spaces feature handcrafted wooden equipment, abundant natural lighting, a forest mural and more than 200 air-purifying plants hung on the walls.

Green gym
It is almost possible to exercise as in the forest in these rooms filled with plants and wooden equipment.
Image source © Biofit

Green Microgym

Green Microgym, located in Portland, is the first sustainable fitness studio in the United States.

On one side are the ornaments, cork flooring, local wall art, and paper made from recycled materials. On the other hand, toilets feature low flush and dual flush.

In addition, the equipment is energy efficient and the greatest energy savings come from the two cardio rooms.

16 SportsArt ECO-POWR treadmills, elliptical bikes and spin bikes are connected to the network and Electricity generation Which will be fed back into the gym, and is an ideal energy supplement for the rooftop solar panels.

Portland Microgym Green
It is possible to generate electricity while doing cardio exercises
Image source © The Green Microgym


In Spain, the Duet Group (partially acquired by Viva Gym) invented the concept of Duet Reused as an awareness tool for taking care of the materials and resources used.

So in these clubs it was possible to find rollers and pallets converted into furniture, reused watches, bicycle tires, old trellises, flower pots and ventilation pipes. There was also a wall decorated with old brochures, building fences converted into locker room benches, and even a waste sorting area, among other things.

Some staff uniforms are even “reused”: they are made from recycled materials!

When gyms become eco-friendly

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