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How and why to do the horizontal pulley stretch?

Horizontal pulley extensions are an exercise that primarily works the triceps and posterior deltoids.

This is an unusual step, but that does not diminish its effectiveness. These are two exercises in one that target two different muscles. So you can kill two birds with one stone, saving your time and making your training more productive.

Muscles used in horizontal pulley extensions.
Illustrative credit © Aliaksandr Makatserchyk
  1. Attach a rope or simple handle to the pulley at shoulder height.
  2. Stand with the right side of your body facing the pulley, and hold the rope with your left hand.
  3. Take a step to the left to generate tension on the cable.
  4. Place your elbow in the opposite direction of the pulley.
  5. Extend your forearm to the left so that your arm is straight while contracting your triceps. Exhale during this part of the exercise.
  6. Slowly bring your forearm back and allow your arm to return to the starting position. Inhale during this part of the exercise.
  7. Repeat this movement until you complete the required number of repetitions.
  8. Then turn to your left side, working on your right side.

Training tips

  • It is best to use light to moderate loads for this exercise to reduce joint stress and maintain good technique.
  • Avoid using momentum when doing this exercise.
  • Keep your body stable (don't cheat with your obliques to perform the exercise). Only your arm has to move.
  • Keep your upper arm in a horizontal position. If your elbow drops down, the latissimus dorsi muscle will be affected.

How and why to do the horizontal pulley stretch?

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