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How to strengthen the posterior chain using rack pulls?

The rack pull is a highly effective weightlifting exercise that involves lifting and locking a heavy load from an elevated position on a weight rack.

This exercise strengthens the hamstrings and buttocks, as well as the back muscles and quadriceps. Of course, the abdominal muscles are also used to stabilize the torso.

Therefore, the rack pull is an excellent exercise to strengthen the posterior chain and improve deadlift performance.

Muscles used in pulling the rack.
Illustrative credit © Aliaksandr Makatserchyk
  1. Adjust your shelf to the desired height.
  2. Grab the bar and get into a classic deadlift position.
  3. Inhale and engage your core, glutes, and glutes.
  4. Hold the bar across your body, contract your latissimus dorsi and lift it. Press your feet firmly into the ground to generate momentum and force.
  5. Move your hips forward and lock the entire movement at the top.
  6. Stay tense and hold the load for one second in the raised position.
  7. Lower the weight to the starting position and exhale.
  8. Repeat this movement until you reach the desired number of repetitions.

Training tips

  • The most important thing by far is to make sure your back is as neutral as possible throughout this exercise. You should avoid rounding your back and/or over-arching your lower back.
  • As you improve, be sure to increase the load and not just limit yourself to lowering the starting position of the movement.
  • To get stronger engagement of your hamstrings and glutes, try varying the amount of external rotation of your feet.
  • If you also want to work on your grip, hold the bar longer in the elevated position.

How to strengthen the posterior chain using rack pulls?

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