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The best exercises to build upper body muscles

Strengthening your upper body has many health benefits. Primarily, it helps prevent injuries caused by everyday activities such as carrying heavy loads (from well-filled shopping bags to the last piece of furniture or appliances you bring home), or performing better in sports (martial arts, rugby, climbing, etc.) . By strengthening these muscles, you are less likely to be injured during these activities and are able to do them more easily and safely.

Upper body strength also plays an important role in supporting the spine and can help prevent back pain. By strengthening your back and abdominal muscles, you can reduce your risk of back and lower back pain, but you can also improve your posture.

Strengthening your upper body muscles can also help improve overall fitness and maintain great shape. And even if you don't intend to become the next Mr. Universe, who does want to improve your physical appearance and get a muscular and toned body.

In this article, I give you the best strength exercises to target your upper body muscles, as well as training advice for progressing quickly.

In the gym

If you're determined to strengthen your upper body muscles and achieve your fitness goals, a gym could be a great place to do so. There are many strength exercises you can do using the different equipment available. Here are some of the best exercises for strengthening the upper body, all of which can be done with any type of equipment or accessory: free weights (dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells) or on a machine (Smith machine, pulleys, elliptical machines):

  1. seat : This multi-joint exercise targets the chest, shoulders and triceps.
  2. Rowing : A great classic for strengthening the back. It also helps to tone and strengthen the biceps and shoulders.
  3. Military press : This exercise aims to strengthen the shoulders.
  4. Bicep curl : This isolation exercise targets the biceps.
  5. Triceps extension : This exercise allows you to isolate the work of the triceps muscle.
Whether you train in the gym or at home, free weights are your best allies for progress in bodybuilding.
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At home

You don't need to go to the gym to strengthen your upper body muscles. There are many exercises you can do at home, with or without equipment. Here are 5 examples of exercises you can incorporate into your home exercise routine:

  1. pumps This classic exercise targets the chest, arms and abdominal muscles. You can do push-ups on your hands or fists, varying the distance between your hands to work different parts of your chest.
  2. Dips : An excellent exercise for strengthening and strengthening the muscles of the upper body, especially the triceps, pectorals and deltoids. This bodyweight exercise can be modified depending on your level, from flexibility-assisted dips to weighted dips.
  3. Pull ups : Pull-ups are a great exercise to strengthen your back and arm muscles.
  4. Burpee : An excellent upper body exercise, as it strengthens and strengthens many upper body muscle groups, such as the arms, chest, and deltoids, in addition to providing a cardio workout.
  5. For the abdominal muscles : There are many abdominal exercises you can do at home, such as sit-ups, leg raises, and planks.

Training advice

It's important to change your strength training exercises for several reasons. First, it can help you prevent mental and physical fatigue, giving you the opportunity to work different muscle groups and vary your exercise routine.

Next, diversifying your exercises can help you achieve your fitness goals more quickly. By including different exercises in your strength training program, you can target different muscles and work them from different angles, which promotes muscle growth and overall fitness.

Finally, variety can help you avoid potential fatigue from performing the same exercises over and over again. By changing your exercise routine regularly, you can maintain the love and motivation for exercise.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from an athletic trainer or health professional to help you create a training program that suits your needs and goals. And always remember to warm up well before starting your workout.

The best exercises to build upper body muscles

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