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Crosminton, the ultimate dynamic outdoor racquet sport

If you love badminton, you will definitely love Crossminton. This racket game was invented in the early 2000s under the name shuttle ball, before being renamed speedminton. It is also sometimes called fast badminton, a name registered by the brand that created the game.

What is crosminton?

Crossminton is a very fun and dynamic game. It was invented in Germany by Bill Brands, who was looking for an alternative to badminton that could be played outdoors.

Thus the net was removed and the feather became heavier so that it would not fly away in the wind.

Crossminton combines the characteristics of badminton, as well as tennis and squash, and is truly a racket game in its own right.

It is very popular in Germany, but is also played in the United States, Australia and Japan. Today in France, dozens of clubs allow you to play Crossminton.

Just like most racquet sports, crossminton is excellent for maintaining good form. It allows you to exercise the arms, legs and abdomen while requiring the cardiovascular system and endurance of the player. In addition, this sport requires agility, coordination and concentration.

All athletic levels can compete in this fun and accessible practice for beginners and experienced alike.

How to play crossminton?

The Crosminton Court consists of two squares measuring 5.50 meters on each side and 12.8 meters apart, equivalent to approximately half a tennis court.

No need for a grid, all you have to do is mark the two squares with strips drawn on the ground or plots of land.

If you're training for fun outdoors, you don't even need to keep track of the respective pitches on the ground. Just make sure to play on relatively flat ground. You can play crossminton individually (one against one) or doubles (two against two).

In terms of equipment, you need to invest in Crossmanton putters. They are very similar to squash rackets, but smaller so you can manage the path of the shuttlecock better.

The cross badminton is also smaller than a traditional badminton: it is called a speeder or birdie.

You can choose the fluorescent yellow night speed game so you can play at night, which is one of the good finds in crossminton.

There are also wind loops, a kind of 2g ballast that allows you to play when there is a lot of wind without risking losing the wheel. The complete equipment will cost you between 30 and 40 euros.

The rules are easy to understand: a point is scored when the speedster lands on the opponent's court, simple as that. If the speedster is expelled from the field, but is caught in flight, the game will continue as usual.

Players take turns serving, changing every three points. The match is played in three sets of 16 points, with a difference of two points. Hitting speed repeatedly during the same game is also prohibited.

A video summarizing the principles of the crossminton game

Are you interested in this sport? Find a list of affiliated clubs, leagues and Crossminton news on the official website of Fast Badminton Federation.

Crosminton, the ultimate dynamic outdoor racquet sport

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